Monday, June 2, 2008

The Famous Marris Road

Marris Road is indeed one of the most important streets in Aligarh. The distnguished status of this street comes from the beautiful, large and palatial bungalows and Kothis situated on the both sides of this road. According to a very senior Aligarian in Hyderabad, there used to be days when Marris Road was called Paris Road because of the rich and elite who inhabited those bungalows. All of them were highly educated, cultured and sophisticated and had an exquisite taste of art and literature.

Coming to my time of Aligarh, most of these kothis and bungalows had lost their charm and grandeur but some of them simply couldn't resist telling the stories from their glorious past. With vicinity to city's railway station and the most happening commerical area - Centerpoint, most of these kothis are now being shrouded by shops and shopping complexes coming up on the roadsides and in some way, helping the majestic bungalows in hiding their pitiful state.

While, there is one reason which accounts for the loss of value of Marris Road, there is another gaining importance and momentum. The Women's college and Abdullah Hall (AMU Girls' Hostels) have their main gates on Marris Road. Most of new and happening Eating points and dating spots are like adding more taste to the relishing gravy.

So, the reasons may change but M for Marris Road remains the same - the place to be, that is.

Source: Aligarh Nama Blog


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