Friday, December 17, 2010

When I was at AMU

When I was at AMU, I never bothered to figure this out but once I was away from AMU after completing my education, I always looked out for Aligs. So, what are the traits that hint at the other person being be an aligarian, too. The question is: How do we search for an Aligarian when we are travelling, staying in a Hotel, visiting public places, and so on. In other words, what rings a bell...

Let me pen down the traits that I use to spot Aligarians in this crowded world.

I look for:

* Someone who carries an AMU tarana ringtone on the cellphone.
* Someone who speaks good Urdu.
* Someone who looks graceful in appearance.
* Someone who greets people with a loud "Salam Alaikum" without feeling shy about revealing his identity.
* Someone who eagerly responds to a "Salam alaikum" with a "Salam alaikum" and not an obvious "Walekum As-Salaam".
* Someone who respects seniors, older people irrespective of their economic status like waiters, rickshaw pullers, or porters.
* Someone who is young but wears Sherwani, maybe, without a cap :-) (Like our Aligarian student union leaders).
* Some who can crack the humorous one liners while watching a movie in a theatre.
* Someone who can talk about any topic under the sun with the same interest and intensity as for his hobby horse.
* Someone who uses words like jugaad, bhasad, intro, backing, lobby, dhaba, chay, +2, PUC, and mass bunk in his/her conversations.
* Someone who adresses other unknown people of his age with "partner" as in: Partner, ye bus kahan jaaegi..

Better Bathroom

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