Saturday, April 19, 2008

3Gb- The Social Network Site

What makes social network sites unique is not that they allow individuals to meet strangers, but rather that they enable users to articulate and make visible their social networks. This can result in connections between individuals that would not otherwise be made, but that is often not the goal, and these meetings are frequently between “latent ties” (Haythornthwaite, 2005) who share some offline connection. On many of the large SNSs, participants are not necessarily “networking” or looking to meet new people; instead, they are primarily communicating with people who are already a part of their extended social network. To emphasize this articulated social network as a critical organizing feature of these sites, we label them “social network sites.”

Just like in 3gb Communities, it is a social networking site wherein strangers, and people who are registered are liked according to their social status. This includes Like | Dislikes, interests, birthday, hobbies, favorites, and such the like matters. Plus the site includes and or allows users to share their personal interests like in music, pictures, and most of all chatting services which have been the heart of social networking.

So for a while, why can’t you just join 3gb community, I mean it’s somehow a better way to start off you social inter networking life across the whole universe. Right? Enjoy meeting new friends, and oh before I forgot, you may also start your DJ career since they’ve created or launch their shoutcast server.

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