Monday, June 25, 2007

Tasveer Mahal |TM|

The another popular place of aligarh after amir nisha is "TM" i.e Tasveer mahal basically tasveer mahal is an theatre, Watching movies at Tasveer Mahal had always been fun and having food at Tasveer Mahal had been a luxury becoz the food here is very tatsy in taste, hygenic and they are cheap in comparison to service.
In Tasveer mahal theatre boyz generally don't bought Balcony Ticket coz it was considered foolish to buy a balcony ticket at Tasveer Mahal thats the main reason the theatre now fully in bankruptcy . Another special trait of Tasveer Mahal was that it was completely a Boy's Cinema theatre. Girls never stepped in without a bet.
Outside TM a Khandelwal's Tea shop there which are famous for its TEA specially,apart from special tea Khandelwal also offered wonderful Gulab Jamuns and hot Samosas, wen crossing from TM students never forget to take tea at khandelwal's

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